Wooden Timber Cooling Towers

Timber Cooling Towers

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We manufacture induced draft treated timber / wooden cooling towers in cross flow / counter flow design in single cell and multi cell design. Multi-cell design provides flexibility in operation. There is no capacity limitation in multi-cell design. We use pine wood which is properly seasoned and pressure treated with Copper Chromate Arsenic for high structural strength. These tower are recommended to use where water TDS level are high. Based on air flow these towers are categorized as cross flow and counter flow towers. In cross flow towers water and air moves perpendicular to each other where as in counter flow towers water and air moves opposite to each other.

We construct our treated timber / wooden cooling towers structural materials, water distribution area and fan decking area with treated timber pine wood. Depend upon the water quality we use Splash bar either pvc mini v-bar or treated timber. In our towers we use either frp mesh or S. S. mesh as fill support grid. All hardware such as nuts and bolts we use of hot dip galvanized.