Natural Cooling Towers

Natural Cooling Towers

frp cooling towers frp cooling towers


We engaged in offering natural draft cooling towers which doesn’t require motor, fan and fills. We are offering these towers in frp, wooden and pultruded. Natural draft towers are maintenance free like others and can be operated easily.

We manufacture are towers with frp, wooden and pultruded structure depend upon the water quality. Our louvers design is of aerodynamic profile to provide maximum air exhaustion. Material of construction for louvers is of either frp or wooden. Jet Targeted Nozzles used in our natural draft towers spray the water like fine droplets so that maximum heat dissipation can be obtained minimum pressure. Stationary header pipe is of either Galvanised iron or FRP coated pvc pipe. All hardware such as nuts and bolts we use of Stainless steel.

We have developed a new design in natural draft towers to reduce carryover of mist and drift losses which is major issue while using these towers.